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Country Home
SUBMITTED BY: Wolfgang Deimel, Howard Geoffrey & Leamon



INTRO: e-7-------|-----10-7-|-7-------x--|-8----------------| B--8-10-8-|-8-10-----|--8-10-8-8--|--8-10-8-8--------| G---7-----|----------|---7-----9--|---9------11-11-9-| D---------|----------|---------10-|------------------| A---------|----------|---------10-|------------------| E---------|----------|---------x--|------------------| e-----------------3-3-|-7-------|-----10-7-|-7-------8--| B-----------------0-0-|--8-10-8-|-8-10-----|--8-10-8-8--| G-9-9-7-7-7-9-7-0-0-0-|---7-----|----------|---7-----9--| D--------------9--0-0-|---------|----------|---------10-| A-----------------2-2-|---------|----------|---------10-| E-----------------3-3-|---------|----------|---------x--| e-8-------------------------------3-3-|-3 B--8-10-8-8--10--10---------------0-0-|-0 G---9------11--11--11-7-7-7-9-7-0-0-0-|-0 D------------------------------9--0-0-|-0 A---------------------------------2-2-|-2 E---------------------------------3-3-|-3 I don't like to.... INTRO: G C D G C D G G I don't like to go down to the flats C 'Cause I can't park on a hill D Instead getting a rolling start G I have to pay the bill. I guess I need that city life It sure has lots of style But pretty soon it wears me out And I have to think to smile. I'm thankful for my country home It gives me peace of mind Somewhere I can walk alone And leave myself behind. It's only someone else's potatoes You pickin' someone else's patch And if you go down there anyway It very seldom lasts. I found that out once long ago And it sure got me confused I still don't know which way to go To lose those old spud blues. I'm thankful for my country home It gives me peace of mind Somewhere I can walk alone And leave myself behind.