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SongX is a collection of guitar chords and tabs of the many songs by Neil Young, currently with 530 in the database. Listening to his music, going to concerts all over the world, we have collectively tried to figure out some of the magic that is Neil.
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Download complete songbook
All songs in a single, rusted & fully bookmarked .pdf. Now comes in two version, one with chords and all the glory, one with lyrics only.

  • Songbook w/ chords
  • Songbook w/ lyrics
  • Autoscroll function
    You can use autoscroll when viewing songs on Song.X. Press 1-9 on your keyboard to set scrolling speed (9 being the fastest) and press 0 to quit scrolling.
    Many thanks
    Thanks to all contributors in the rust community for making this songbook what is is! If you want to contribute, don't hesitate to contact me! Special thanks goes out to Roel van Dijk for the top photo. And last but not least, thanks to mr Neil Young for making our lives more interesting!