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Down To The Wire (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Unknown CHORDS: G:320003 C:x32010 B:x24442 D:xx0232 G C Ev'ry time you touch her sets your hands on fire, G C and ev'ry thing you've got is all that she requires. B And you hang on, hang on, hang on D to the words of a lier. C D G C You can feel it's getting down to the wire. G All the hurt you thought was gone has now returned, and ev'ry thing she's laughing at is all you learned. And you let go, let go, let go, 'cause you know you're getting tired. Can you feel it getting down to the wire? G Take the time to close your eyes and look around, 'cause anyone who helped you out can let you down. And look out, look out, look out; the voice is now the choir. Can you feel it getting down to the wire?