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Albuquerque (back)


SUBMITTED BY: John Rosenfelder, Wolfgang Deimel & Alan DerKazarian CHORDS: Em:x22000 D:000232 G:x20003 A:x02220 This gives his first chord played a weird Em/D sound. Believe it or not, I'm pretty sure the first Em bar of the song has five beats to it (5/4, maybe 5/8), and that the second D bar has three beats (3/4?). This repeats for the third and fourth bars but then rights itself to 4/4 time for the rest of the song. INTRO TAB: Em D Em D e|-----0-----0--0-|-------2------|-----0----0--0---|-----2-- B|-----0-----0--0-|-------3------|-----0----0--0---|-----3-- G|-----0-----0--0-|-------2------|-----0----0--0---|-----2-- D|-------0h2-----2/4------0------|-------0h2----2/4|-----0-- A|-0h2------------|-------0------|-0h2--------2----|-----0-- D|------------0---|---0----------|-----------------|-0------ Em G A A e|-------------0--|----------3---|--------0--------|0------- B|-------------0--|----------0---|--------2--------|2------- G|-------------0--|-------0--0---|--------2--------|2------- D|------0--2------|-2--4---------|---0----2----0---|-------- A|-0h2------------|--------------|-2---4----4------|-------- D|----------------|--------------|-----------------|-------- G Em D D e|----3-----3-----|-----0--------|------2----------|------2- B|----0-----0-----|-----0--------|------3----------|------3- G|-0--0--0--0-----|-----0--------|------2----------|------2- D|----0-----------|-----2--2/4---|------0-------0--|------0- A|----------------|--2--2--------|------0--0h2-----|------0- D|----------------|--------------|-0---------------|--0----- Em D Well they say that Santa Fe Em D Is less than ninety miles away Em G A And I've got time to roll a number and rent a car G Em D Oh Al - buquerque I've been flying down the road And I've been starving to be alone Independent from the scene that I've known CHORUS Instrumental Verse (harmonica solo) and Chorus (pedal steel solo) So I'll stop when I can Find some fried eggs and country ham I'll find somewhere where they don't care who I am. CHORUS