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Days That Used To Be (back)


SUBMITTED BY: rcwoods, Barry Gillott & M Campbell (Intro/Solo) CHORDS: G:320003 C:x32010 Bm:x24432 Am:x02210 D:xx0232 C/B:032000 G/F#:220003 Em:022000 INTRO RIFF: G C G |----3-----------+0---0---3-------| |----0---------0-+1---1---0-------| |----0-------0---+0---0---0-------| (x4) |----0---0h2-----+2---2---0-------| |----2-----------+3---3---2-------| |3---------------+--------3-------| G People say don't rock the boat, C G Let things go their own way Bm Ideas that once seemed so right C Am Now have gotten hard to say D G I wish that I could talk to you, C C/B Am And that you could talk to me G G/F# 'Cos there's very few of us Em D left my friend C F From the days that used to be INTRO RIFF (x2) It seemed like such an easy thing, to follow ones own dream But possessions and concessions are not often what they seem They drag you down, they load you down, in disguise of security But we never used to make those deals In the days that used to be INTRO RIFF (x2) G C G |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |----0-0-0-------+-------------+--------------+---------0-0- |------------4---+2---0-0----0-+0h2---2---2---+0------------ |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- Bm C Am |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |0-----------0---+-------------+--------------+------------- |--------0-----4-+2-----0----0-+0h2---2---2---+------------- |----------------+-------------+--------------+0--------2-3- |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- D G C C/B Am |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |0---0---0-------+-----------0-+0--0h2p0------+------------- |----------3-2---+3--2-----3---+---------3--2-+0--------2-3- |----------------+------3------+--------------+------------- G G/F# Em D C F |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |----------------+-------------+--------------+------------- |0---0-----------+-------------+--------------+------------- |--------2---0---+---0--2--0-2-+3------2-0----+0------------ |----------------+3------------+------------3-+------------- INTRO RIFF (x2) Talk to me, my long lost friend, tell me how you are Are you happy with your circumstance, are you driving a new car? Does it get you where you want to go, with a seven year warranty Or another hundred thousand miles away From the days that used to be