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Danger Bird (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Nate Brinson & Robert Broadfoot CHORDS: F:133211 G:320003 A:x02220 A7:x02020 C:x32010 D:xx0232 Em:022000 Cmaj7:x32000 RIFF: e--------------------------------------------------- H--------------------------------------------------- G-5-4-5-4---5-4-5-4---5---5-4-5-4---5-4-5-4--------- D---------5---------7-------------5---------7------- A--------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------- INTRO: F G A F G A A7 Danger bird, he flies alone F G A And he rides the wind back to his home F G A Although his wings have turned to stone C D Em D C And we used to be so calm C D Em D C Cmaj7 Now I think about you all day long (That's the moment that he cracked) C D Em D C 'Cause you've been with a-nother man (Long ago in the museum) Here you are and here I am. The jailbird takes the raps And he finds himself spread-eagled on the tracks But the training that he learned will get him nowhere fast. And I know we should be free (With the rain pounding on his back) But freedom's just a prison to me (the moment that he cracked long ago) 'Cause I lied to keep it kind (in the museum with his friends) When I left you far behind. (And those memories like the rain) (just keeps pounding down down down.) And though these wings have turned to stone I can fly fly fly away. Watch me fly above the city Like a shadow on the sky. Fly, fly, fly.