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Alabama (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Malc Brookes CHORDS: F:133211 G:320003 Em7:022030 C:x32010 D:xx0232 E:022100 Am:x02210 INTRO: F G Em7 F G F C F G Em7 VERSE: F G Em7 Oh oh, Alabama, F G F C The devil fools with the best laid plans F G Em7 Swing low Alabama. F D You got the spare change - you got to feel strange E F G And now the moment is all that it meant. CHORUS 1: Am Alabama - you got the weight on your shoulders C D That's breaking your back. Am Your cadillac has got a wheel in the ditch C D And a wheel on the track. VERSE: Oh oh, Alabama, Banjos playing through the broken glass Windows down in Alabama See the old folks tied in white ropes Hear the banjos, don't it take you down home (At end of verse go from G to a couple of bars of Am) INTERLUDE: F G Em7 F G F C F G Em7 F D E F G REPEAT CHORUS 1 VERSE: Oh oh, Alabama, Can I see you and shake your hand Make friends down in Alabama. I'm from a new land, I come to you and See all this ruin, what are you doing? CHORUS 2: Am Alabama - you've got the rest of the Union D To help you along Am What's going wrong? F G Em7