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I Walk With You (Earth Ringtone) (back)

I saw the change rolling by Out the window of my life I'm so grateful to have Lived for all these years From the falling leaves To the snow in the trees And the spring to the summertime we knew As they came and went and I rode along with life in my way With my memories and love I look out at the change And I wonder how the earth Could be going to somewhere I've never seen Walk with me now to the ends of the earth and you'll see what the damage can be Fight with me now to the end of the wars And believe what they've done for you if you now are free The end of War, the price of life The cost of care, the toll of strife I walk with you, and count the days Walk by my side as we enter the days and we find what we have in store Stand with me now As we walk through the land and we wonder what we were fighting for