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They Might Be Lost (back)

I'm waitin' for the boys To bring the truck in They should a been here by now It's way past four twenty And I'm sittin' waitin' For the boys to come Get the goods It's loaded on the porch All ready to go She wants to know where they are Lookin' for the headlights Comin' thru the trees I'm standin' here waitin' on the porch They're comin' down the highway Just made the turn They called to let me know She's askin' me again And the smoke that I burn Keeps takin' me to the old days Well, the jury is out On the old days you know The judgement is soon comin' down I can't quite remember What it was that I knew Yeah, I'm waitin' on the headlights Comin' thru the snow The weather is changing, you know They should have been here About an hour ago She says that's what she thought But I can't see em' And that's all I know I wonder if they might be lost