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Comes A Time (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Merlin D Gustafson CHORDS: G:320003 Bm:x24432 D:xx0232 Am7:x02010 C:x32010 F:133211 Dm7:xx0211 INTRO: G VERSE 1: G Bm Comes a time, when you're driftin D Am7 C Comes a time when you settle down G Bm Comes a light, feelin's liftin' D Am7 C Lift that baby right up off the ground CHORUS: G O - Oh F C G This old world keeps spinnin' round F C G It's a wonder tall trees ain't laying down Dm7 G There comes a time. VERSE 2: You and I, we were captured We took our souls and we flew away We were right we were giving That's how we kept what we gave away CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL: (VERSE CHORDS) CHORUS REPEAT AND FADE: Dm7 G Comes a time.