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Almost Always (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Roel van Dijk CHORDS: G:320003 Bm:x24432 C:032010 A7:x02020 D7:x00212 Notes played over 2nd G: E------------ B------------ G------------ D--------0--- A---2-3------ E------------ Intro: G Bm C A7 D7 G G Bm C A7 Lately I been thinkin' 'bout the changing world D7 G Tryin' to fit in pieces of dreams G Bm C A7 Just tryin' to add it up, figure out what it means D7 G D7 When a lost planet comes tumbling home G Bm Does it have to have a beer C A7 To break free from what is here D7 G And continue to pick up those pieces of dreams G Bm And I'm livin' with a gameshow host C A7 Who has to brag and has to boast D7 'Bout tearing down ... the things that I hold dear G Bm C A7 D7 G G Bm C A7 While the day is with us and the birds are near D7 G Singin' in the sun, baskin' in its light G Bm C A7 Has it just risen through the fogs of fear D7 G D7 Can I take a minute to do what's right? G Bm C A7 Before that starts me thinkin' distracting me again D7 G D7 Do I have something to say? G Bm C A7 Maybe just a feelin' that things are bound to change D7 Or just that crazy searchlight lightin' someone's way G Bm C A7 D7 G G Bm C A7 I'm not gonna work it out right here and right now D7 G I got some things to do, got some calls to make G Bm C A7 Hear that crazy little bird callin' out his song D7 G D7 Standin' out on a limb almost too long G Bm C A7 Singin' out to his mate, she answers every time D7 She answers every time, every time G Almost always G Bm C A7 D7 G G Bm C A7 D7 G Almost always