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Archives Vol 2 (1972-1976) (2020)
Hitchhiker (2017)


SUBMITTED BY: Chuck Naughton, corrections from John Kato Kitamura Em with a hammer-on to the low E (2nd fret) Instead of F, try a Fmaj9 (333010), then slide that pattern up to a G6 (555030) at the end of the verse Am Em Am Em Am At first I didn’t like him Am Em He came asking for a loan Em Am Em I got nervous when he came into view Em Am On an overdose of vitamins Em Trying to explain C D Something that I already knew D Fmaj9 G6 He said help me stay afloat and get back to CHORUS: Am. Em Hawaii Am Em Hawaii All the paintings and the sketches laid scattered on the sand And the condominium was close at hand Things were getting hard to follow I was feeling pretty hollow When a stranger came to me and put out his hand I think we better talk there’s something you don’t understand about Hawaii Hawaii With my baby and my bicycle I up and rode away And many nights have passed since that morning came my way And I think about him often with his vitamins and kids Does he sleep without a woman on his mind While the other half just got left behind in Hawaii Hawaii