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My New Robot (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Hugo Antoine (lyrics), Roel van Dijk (chords) CHORDS: G:320003 A:x02220 D:xx0232 E:022100 C:032010 INTRO: D G A D E A D G A It's a lonely cup of coffee D E Cause my baby's gone A Someone has to work D I know that's true G A Carpenters bring ladders D E I bring love to you A Their working day begin D Under skies of blue G A It's just now getting started D E And I'm sitting under a tree A Singing a song D And thinking of you G A My life has been so lucky D E The packages arrived A I got my new robot D From Amazon dot com G A Unpacking it now D E I have a sense of pride A I'm going online D To program it for you E Powering on Things here have changed Welcome to: Your name/ House/ Home Swipe your card G When you enter your pin number A My owner is not available Please enjoy your stay Leave magnetic articles C In the plastic bin marked Visitors in grey E For color blind visitors Please refer to parameters To enter your new 7-digit password That must contain at least one numeric character And your mother's maiden name G (aaah) A Please feel free It's just an exercise Your media is already chosen C Based on your habits Powering off