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Peace Trail (2016)

SUBMITTED BY: Richard Bonino Look can you see things when they show you what they want you to know Watch what you don’t see on the TV when they hide the truth Feel how it hurts you when the truth hides in between the seams Cry from the broken-hearted melody that you hear in your dreams Whoa it’s a runaway can you catch it it’s not in your hands Slow easy does it when you find out what deception means Try to change it ‘cause it hurts you and it holds back your dreams Dreams of a new world evolution of the species to survive the truth that screams Call in the darkness for the moment of clear-thinking joy Laugh when you find out that the story that was spoken has broken like a toy Lost in the sandbox just left there for no one to enjoy Found by the police who killed it and were filmed on the phone Texas Rangers had to ride in to the rescue of all that’s well and good Texas Rangers in pickups painted silver with bulldogs on the hood Texas Rangers come to save you come to rescue the bad and the good Texas Rangers on the freeways and in your neighborhoods Texas Rangers Texas Rangers Texas Rangers – hah! Texas Rangers