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Archives Vol 1 1963-1972 (2009)
Decade (1977)
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)
Greatest Hits (1985)
Greatest Hits (2004)
Live At The Cellar Door (2013)
Live In San Francisco 1978 (2007)
Live Rust (1979)
Way Down In The Rust Bucket (2021)
Weld (1991)


SUBMITTED BY: Tom Hambleton & Howard Wright CHORDS:
INTRO: (and main riff) RIFF1: D---5--7--7--7-----7-----0------------------ B---5--7--7--7-----7-----1------------------ G---5--7--7--7-----7-----0--0--0------------ D---5--7--7--7-----7-----2--0--0---3---5---- A---0--0--0--0-----0-----3--2--0---3---5---- D---0--0--0--0-----0---------------3---5---- D---5--7--7--7-----7-----0------------------ B---5--7--7--7-----7-----1------------------ G---5--7--7--7-----7-----0--0--0------------ D---5--7--7--7-----7-----2--0--0---3-------- A---0--0--0--0-----0-----3--2--0---3-------- D---0--0--0--0-----0---------------3-------- repeat both lines once VERSE: (I'll just write out the chord shapes - on the original version one guitar part picks out the chord string by string. Or you can just strum away ...) D5 Am11 D----0--------------------0---------------------- B----3--------------------1---------------------- G----2--------------------0---------------------- D----0--------------------2---------------------- A----0--------------------0---------------------- D----0------------------------------------------ I wanna live with a cinnamon girl Cadd2 G5 D---0--------------------0------------------------ B---1--------------------3------------------------ G---0--------------------0------------------------ D---2--------------------0------------------------ A---3--------------------5------------------------ D------------------------5---------------------- I could be happy the rest of my life with a RIFF2: D------------5--7---7--------------0--------------- B------------5--7---7----1---------1---------------- G------------5--7---7----0--0--0---0------------------- D---3--5--0--5--7---7----2--0--2---2--------------------- A---3--5--0--0--0---0----3--2--3---0--------------------- D---3--5--0--0--0---0-------------------------------- cinnamon girl D5 Am11 A dreamer of pictures I run in the night Cadd2 G5 you see us together, chasing the moonlight RIFF2 my cinnamon girl Then do two lots of riff1. Verse 2 has the same chord sequence, ending with another riff2. Then do two more riff1s Then the middle 8 MIDDLE 8: Cadd2 Am11 Cadd2 Am11 Pa send me money now I know I'll make it somehow Cadd2 Am11 Gm7 I need another chance Gm7 Am7 You see you're baby loves to dance yeah, yeah, yeah ... After this middle 8 comes the solo over the same chord sequence as the verse (i.e D5, Am11, Cadd2, G5 then riff2). END WITH: D---5--7--5--7----------------------------------- B---5--7--5--7----------------------------------- G---5--7--5--7----------------------------------- D---5--7--5--7----------------------------------- A---0--0--0--0----------------------------------- D---0--0--0--0-----------------------------------