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Tumbleweed (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Keith Mansfield & Philippe Tenaud (TAB) CHORDS: G:320003 Gmaj7:320002 Em:022000 Em7:x20000 Am7:x02010 C:x32010 Capo 5th fret INTRO: G Gmaj7 Em Em7 Am7 C G D G C D G Tumbleweed Gmaj7 Your inner beauty Em Em7 Am7 Is a peace sign to me C Life is full of little tricks and G We can always pick up sticks and D G C D Build again that's what we do G Harmony Gmaj7 The way we hold on Em Em7 Am7 When we tumble through the night C Life is full of strange delights and G In the darkness we find lights D G C D To make our way back home again Bm Tumbleweed Am7 Em I'm baring my soul to you Bm Tumbleweed Am7 G C D It's all that I've got that's true G Bite me now Gmaj7 with your confusion Em Em7 Am7 Your happiness and delight C It will only hurt a moment G Then it's gone and you can't see D G C D There's nothing left to leave a mark G Animal Gmaj7 Care for your kind Em Em7 Am7 In the way you always do C When the flower moon is shining G It's eclipse and your lips smiling D G C D Comfort me and I comfort you G C D G Tumbleweed Gmaj7 Your inner beauty Em Em7 Am7 Is a peace sign to me C G D G C D G TAB FOR INTRO & VERSES: e---3------3-2-3-2-----2--3---0-------------------- B---0------------0------------0---3--3---1--------- G---0------------0------------0----------0--------- D---0------------0------------2----------2--------- A---2------------2------------2----------0--------- E---3------------3------------0-------------------- G Gmaj7 Em Em7 Am7 e---5-5-5-3-2-0--3-3-3-2-0----0----------3--------- B---5------------0---------3--3-3-3-353--0---1--3-- G---5------------0------------2-2-2------0---0--0-- D---5------------0------------0---0------0---2--4-- A----------------2-----------------------2---3--5-- E----------------3-----------------------3--------- C G D G C D