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Carmichael (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Sebastian Siebers CHORDS: Asus2:x02200 G:320003 RIFF: Asus2 G Asus2 G --|-----------------------|------------------------|-- --|-----------------------|------------------------|-- --|---------------0-------|------------------------|-- --|----------2-4----------|----------2-4-0---------|-- --|--0-3-4----------------|--0-3-4-----------------|-- --|-----------------------|------------------------|-- CHORD PROGRESSION: Asus2 G (over and over, varying with RIFF and soling) LYRICS: Silk scarf and a napkin Hidden in a drawer Two hundred bucks in an envelope Labeled Lenore "Maybe she shouldn't see this, she should never know," Said the widow's best friend Anne, "I'll just take it and go I'll give her the money later, say it was in his shoe. That way she'll never find out... That'll do" "Carmichael was a credit to the force in everything he did. It's like we got a big hole in our side where he fit. If any of you officers would like to say a word now would be the time to be heard." "Thank you chief, I sure would. He was a partner of mine. He was always very careful, and played it straight down the line." One by one the officers spoke And the service drew to a close He had no living relatives But his wife who never showed She just couldn't face the men They all understood They got in their cars and drove home As directly as they could "Carmichael, you asshole," The new widow sobbed beneath her veil, "Shot down in the line of duty, is this how justice never fails? I wish that things were better when we said goodbye today, but we had our share of good times though, along the way. Remember: 'Hey Mr. Las Vegas! You used to be so cool!!' We met Wayne Newton down at Pebble Beach and you acted like a fool. But we both just couldn't stop laughin', it seemed so funny to us. We left our luggage back in the room and almost missed the bus That was a great vacation, maybe the best of all. But goddammit Carmichael you're dead now and I'm talkin' to the wall." The force got back to normal Carmichael was replaced For one year nobody parked a car In Carmichael's space