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Early Morning Rain (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Keith Mansfield NOTES: Originally by: Gordon Lightfoot. When playing the D, Neil pulls off and hammers on both the first finger (A) and second finger (F#) HARMONICA: F CHORDS: D:xx0232 Asus4:x02230 A:x02220 Dmaj7:xx0222 D6sus2:xx0200 Em:022000 G:320003 CAPO: 3rd fret Intro: D D Asus4 A In the early mornin' rain D Dmaj7 D6sus2 With a dollar in my hand Em And an aching in my heart G D Dmaj7 D And my pockets full of sand Em I'm a long way from home G D And I missed my loved one so D Asus4 A In the early mornin' rain D With no place to go Out on runway number nine Seven o seven set to go And I'm stuck here on the grass In the pavement never grows And the liquor tasted good And the women all were fast There she goes my friend She'll be rolling down at last Harmonica over verse chords Hear the mighty engines roar See the silver wing on high She's away and westward bound For above the clouds she'll fly Where the mornin' rain don't fall Where the sun always shines She'll be flying over my home In about three hours time This ol' airport's got me down It's no earthly good to me Cause I'm stuck here on the ground Cold and drunk as I can be You can't jump a jet plane Like you can a freight train So I best be on my way In the early mornin' rain Harmonica over verse chords