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Walk With Me (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Philippe Tenaud CHORDS: D:000230 F:000560 G:xx0780 C:x3201x Bb:8887xx A:7776xx INTRO: D|----0----0--- B|----3----6--- G|----2----5--- D|----0----0--- A|----0----0--- D|----0----0--- D F VERSE 1 & 2: D|----0----0----0--|----------- B|----3----6----8--|--1-------- G|----2----5----7--|--0-------- D|----0----0----0--|--2----0--- A|----0------------|--3----2--- D|----0------------|----------- D F G C B/D VERSE 3: D|----0----0----0--|----------- B|----3----6----8--|----------- G|----2----5----7--|--7----6--- D|----0----0----0--|--8----7--- A|----0------------|--8----7--- D|----0------------|--8----7--- D F G Bb A BRIDGE 1: D|--0----0----0----0--------------0---- B|--6----8---11---13----6----8----5---- G|--5----7---10---12----7----9----6---- D|--0----0----0----0----8---10----7---- A|----------------------8---10----0---- D|--------------------------------7---- F G Bb C Bb C A RIFF: D|-----------------0-------------------0-- B|-----------------2-------------------2-- G|-----------------3-------------------3-- D|--3----5----0----0----5----3----0----0-- A|--3----5----0----0----5----3----0----0-- D|--3----5----0----0----5----3----0----0-- F G D D G F D D BRIDGE 2: D|----------------------------------0-- B|---10---10----8----8----6----5----2-- G|---11----0----9----0----7----6----3-- D|---12---11---10----9----8----7----0-- A|---12---12---10---10----8----7----0-- D|----------------------------------0-- D A C G Bb A D INTRO: D F D F VERSE 1: D I feel your love F G D F I feel your strong love VERSE 2: D I feel the patience F G D C B/D D Of unconditional love VERSE 3: D I feel the strength F G D Bb A D I feel your faith in me BRIDGE 1: F G I'll never let you down no matter what you do Bb C If you just walk with me and let me walk with you Bb C A I'm on this journey I don't wanna walk alone RIFF Walk with me Walk with me Walk with me Walk with me BRIDGE 2: D D A C G Bb A Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahhh-ahh-ahhh RIFF Walk with me Shine me light Walk with me Walk with me VERSE 4: D I lost some people I was travelling with D I missed a soul and the old friendship