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Sell Out (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Roel van Dijk CHORDS: Em:022000 G:320003 A:x02220 C:x32010 D:xx0232 B:x24442 Em G Em G [ bassline: E/F#/G and G/F#/E on lower E-string ] Em G A C D G Fire chief car thief misled skinhead tell me where it's at B Em B G Is it cool to bring it up again, will I blow my act Em G A C D G Misplaced tinsel face weekend pretend am I on your track B Em B G I would love to live close to you, could I bring my cat [ G smoothly goes into Em and does the same chords again ] Em G Em G Em G A C D G B Em B G Em G A C D G Overfed premed out front gaspump will you fix my car B Em B G Dig yourself when I smile at you, baby I am a star Em G A C D G Turned on tuned in cop out sell out do you know who you are B Em B G I took the time to try to fit you in, was I off too far