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Without Rings (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Chris Lawrence CHORDS: C:x32010 D:xx0232 Am:x02210 Em:022000 INTRO: G w/ riff: E---------------- B----------0----- G--0-0-0^2---2-0- (x7) D--0-0----------- A---------------- E--3-3----------- w/ improvised fingerpicking/strumming, etc etc.. C D Someone's hiding out Am Em Who can't forget about D C G w/ riff Things that people do when they're free C D Like visitors from space Am Em It's hard to find a place D C G w/ riff To blend in and go unrecognized C D I'm waiting for a sign Am Em I'm standing on the road D C G w/ riff With my mind outstretched to you C D I'm picking something up Am Em I'm letting something go D C G w/ riff Like a dog I'm fetching this to you CHORUS: (C: x32013) C Pictures in the mind C Rows of poppy fields C Harmony intwined C Changing gear that grinds G w/ riff Pictures in my mind C Pictures in my brain C Electrical energy C Fighting drugs with pain C There's a war inside C G w/ riff Pictures in my brain C D I'm looking for a job Am Em I don't know what I'm doing D C G w/ riff My software's not compatible with you C D But this I can't deny Am Em I know that you can fly D C G w/ riff Cuz I'm here on the ground without you C D Angel without wings Am Em Owner without things D C G w/ riff Sharpshooter without rings around you C D The road we used to ride Am Em Together side by side D C G w/ riff Has flowers pushing through the dotted line