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White Line (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Keith Haman, Freek Hartsema (Riffs) & Joel Desmarais (Corrections) CHORDS: Bm:x24432 C:x32010 Am7:x02010 G:320003 D:xx0232 Em:022000 INTRO RIFF: (over Em G C G D, twice) E|-------|----------------------------------------| B|-------|----------------------------------------| G|-------|----------------------------------------| D|-------|-5-4-2-4-0------------------------------| A|-------|-----------2--0----------0-2---0--0-2---| E|-3-2-0-|----------------3-0--0-3-----3--------0-| E|-------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------| D|-5-5-4-2-4-0-------------------------------| A|-------------2-2-0----------0-2---0----0---| E|-------------------3-3--2-3-----3----3---0-| Bm Am7 I came to you when I needed a rest D Em You took my love and put it to the test Bm Am7 I saw some things that I never would've guessed D D G Feel like a railroad, I pull the whole load behind me. Em G That old white line is a friend of mine C G D and it's good times that we've been makin' Em G Right now I'm rollin' down the open road and the C G Em daylight will soon be breaaaaaaaaakin I was adrift on a river of pride It seemed like such a long easy ride You were my raft but I let you slide Now I've been down but I'm Comin' back up again. Now I'm rollin' down the open road where the daylight will soon be breakin' Right now I'm thinkin' 'bout these things that I know but it's good times that we've been maaaaaaaaaakin' ENDING RIFF: E|----------------------------------2-----| B|-5-3-5-0-----------------0--0h1p0-3-----| G|----------4p2-0---0--0-2----------4-----| D|----------------2-----------------4-----| A|----------------------------------2-----| E|----------------------------------------|