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Western Hero (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Richie Hand CHORDS: C:x32010 F:133211 G:320003 E:022100 Am7:x02010 INTRO: (x2) (pull-offs and added D can be varied to suit style) -0-----0-0------0-0---0-0---0---1------------1-1---1---1---1 -3-----1-1------3-3---3-3---1---1------------1-1---1---1---1 -0-----0-0------0-0---0-0---0---2------------2-0---0---0---0 -2-----2-2------2-2---2-2---2---3------------3-3---3---3---3 -3-----3-3------3-3---3-3---3---3------------3-3---3---3---3 -X-----X-X------X-X---X-X---X---1------------1-1---1---1---1 C F Frontier town, home of the western hero C F Frontier justice, dealt with the iron hand F He wore a long coat to the ground F He wore big boots that made a sound F G He wore a six gun on his hip F But now he doesn't carry it Sure enough, he was a western hero On the deck, sighting an old Jap zero And on the shores at Normandy He fought for you, he fought for me Across the land and on the sea But now he's just a memory INTRO (x2) E And in the distance, the rocket's red glare Am7 The bombs burst in the air F G This time we're never going back E Am7 Through the years he changed somehow F He's different now G He's different now INTRO (x2) C F Open fire, here comes the western hero C F Standing there, big money in his hand C F Sure enough, he was a western hero C F Sure enough END ON: C