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Violent Side (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Matt Mohler CHORDS: A:x02220 Aadd9:x00200 Esus4:022200 D:xx0232 Bm7:224232 F#/E:044300 F#:244322 Bm:224432 E:022100 Dmaj7add9/A:x00220 Asus4:x02230 The move from F#/E to F# is quick. F#/E = normal F# barre position but don't barre with index then barre it to make it F#. A Aadd9 A Dmaj7add9/A D Bm7 Here comes the night here comes the anger F#/E F# Bm E Hidden so deep inside no one can see A Aadd9 A Dmaj7add9/A D Bm7 Behind these eyes there walks a stranger F#/E F# Bm E Wandering through the dark following me A D A Control the violent side (4 times) Electric light shining on your block Saying to everyone the power is on While your alarm set up for safety Keeps out invaders who come but still can't control A D A Control the violent side (4 times) SOLO A Asus4 A Asus4 E Esus4 E Got to fight to control the violent side (got to fight to control it) repeat and fade