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Unknown Legend (back)


SUBMITTED BY: David M CHORDS: G:320003 C:x32010 INTRO: E--------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------------- D--------0---------0---------0-------------------0-- A---2-3-------3-2-------2-3-------3-2--------------- E--------------------------------------0----0-3----- G------> C G G She used to work in a diner G Never saw a woman look finer G C I used to order just to watch her float across the floor G She grew up in a small town G Never put her roots down G Daddy always kept movin' so she did too G C G Somewhere on a desert highway C G She rides a Harley-Davidson G C Her long blond hair flyin' in the wind C G She's been runnin' half her life C G The chrome & steel she rides C Collidin' with the very air she breathes G The air she breathes INTRO G You know it aint easy G C G You got to hold on G C She was an unknown legend in her time G Now she's dressing two kids G Lookin' for a magic kiss G She gets the far-away look in her eyes