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Union Man (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Steve Vetter, Chris Lawrence & Wolfgang Deimel (Corrections) CHORDS: G:320003 F:133211 C:x32010 INTRO: G F G G F I'm proud to a union man C G I make those meetings when I can, yeah F I pay my dues ahead of time C G When the benefits come I'm last in line, yeah F G F G I'm proud to be a union man G F Every fourth Friday at 10 am C G There's a meeting of the A F of M. yeah - Chairman - "This meeting will now come to order Is there any new business?" - Member - "Yeah, I think 'Live music are better' Bumper stickers should be issued" - Chairman - "What was that?" - Member - 'Live music is better' bumper stickers Should be issued" - Chairman - "The gentleman says 'Live music is better' bumper stickers Should be issued F All in favour of what he said C Signify by sayin' 'aye'" - Members - G "Ay!" - Chairman - F "If, however, you are opposed C (tacet, just bass note) Signify by saying 'no'" G F I'm proud to be a union man. G F G (2x)