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Truth Be Known (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Michael Campbell CHORDS: D:xx0777 A:x02222 Asus4:x02232 E:x79999 G:xACCCC A*:x0EEEE I play this with my high E string tuned down to a D. Don't know if this is how Neil plays it. INTRO: A Asus4 A D A D--2---2-2---2-2--|-------7---7-7--------7-7------1/2---------2-- B--2---2h3---3p2--|-5/7-7---------9-7--------9-7--1/2---2-----2-- G--2---2-2---2-2--|-5/7---------------7-----------1/2-----2---2-- D--2---2-2---2-2--|-0-----------------0-----------1/2-------2-2-- A--0---0-0---0-0--|-------------------------------0-----------0-- E-----------------|---------------------------------------------- D A D----------------7-7-----7---7-7------1/2------------ B----5/7---7-7-------9-7---------9-7--1/2------------ G----5/7-7-----7----------------------1/2-----2------ D----0--------------------------------1/2------------ A-------------------------------------0-------------- E---------------------------------------------------- D Saw you friend working in this hotel A Asus4 A says he used to know you when D And you dreams lucky as they seemed A Asus4 A They all turned their back on him E G D A* Truth be known Truth be known way I feel tonight Living in this back street town bout my dreams they all seem to fade as soon as I put my money down Truth be known SOLO: (intro riff with variations) E G D A When the fire that once was your friend Burns your fingers to the bone And your song meets a sudden end Echoing through right and wrong Truth be known Truth be known