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The Old Laughing Lady (back)


SUBMITTED BY: David M CHORDS: D:000230 D1:x20030 D2:x00450 D3:x00560 D4:x00670 D5:x00780 G:550030 F:330010 D D1 D D1 D D1 D D D2 D4 D2 Don't call pretty Peggy, she can't hear you no more. D D2 D4 D5 Don't leave no message 'round her back door. G D D2 They say the old laughin' lady been here before. D4 D3 G She don't keep time, she don't count score. D D2 D4 D2 You can't have a cupboard if there ain't no wall. D D2 D4 D5 You got to move, there's no time left to stall. G D D2 They say the old laughin' lady dropped by to call. D4 D3 G RIFF When she leaves, she leaves nothing at all. D D2 D4 D2 See the drunkyard of the village falling on the street. D D2 D4 D5 Can't tell his ankles from the rest of his feet. G D D2 He loves his old laughin' lady 'cause her taste is so sweet. D4 D3 G But the laughin' lady's lovin', ain't the kind he can keep. D D2 D4 D2 There's a fever on the freeway, blacks out the night. D D2 D4 D5 There's a slippin' on the stairway, just don't feel right. G D D2 And there's a rumblin' in the bedroom and a flashin' of light. D4 D3 G F There's the old laughing lady, everything is all right. RIFF: D|---0----0----0----5--7----0----0-------------------0------ B|---3----3----3----5--7----1----3-------------------3------ G|---2----0----2----5--7----0----0-------------------2------ D|---0----0----0----0--0----2----0----3----5---------0------ A|---0----2----0------------3----2----3----5---------0------ D|---0---------0----------------------3----5----0----0------