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Tell Me Why (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Davide Chinetti (crds&tab) & Geir Mosaker (chords) CHORDS: C:x32010 D:xx0232 Am7:x02010 G:320003 Gmaj7:320002 Em:022000 INTRO: E|---------0--- B|---------1--- G|---------0--- D|---------2--- A|---0-2-3-3--- E|-3----------- C D Sailing heartships through Broken harbours Am7 G Out on the waves In the night C D Still the searcher must Ride the dark horse Am7 G Racing along In his fright CHORUS: D Am7 C G C G D Tell me why Am7 C G Tell me why Gmaj7 C Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself D C When you're old enough to repay Bm Em But young enough to sell INSTRUMENTAL: E|-------0-----0-----0-------2---2---2-------0-----0---0-- B|-------1-----1-----1-------3---3---3-------1-----1---1-- G|-------0-----0-0H2-2-0-----2---2---2-------0-----0---0-- D|-------2-0H2-2---------2-0-0---0-0-0-------2-0H2-2-0-0-- A|-0-2-3-3---------------------0-------3-2-0-0-----0------ E|-------------------------------------------------------- E|---------3-------------3--- B|---------0-------------0--- G|---------0---------0---0--- D|-----0---0-----0H2-----0--- A|-0H2-----2-0H2---------2--- E|-------3-3-----------3-3--- Tell me lies later Come and see me I'll be around for a while I am lonely but You can free me All in the way that you smile