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Sweet Joni (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Cal Woods NOTES: Performed live in Bakersfield, 1973-03-11 CHORDS: A:x02220 D:xx0232 E:022100 Em7:022030 F#m:244222 Use a capo at the 1st fret, to be in tune with the recording CHORUS: A D Sweet Joni, from Saskatoon E Here's a ring for your finger D That looks like the sun A But it feels like the moon A D Sweet Joni, from Saskatoon E D Don't go, Don't go A too soon VERSE 1: A Em7 Who lives in an old hotel D E Near the ancient ruins? F#m Only time can tell D Time can tell VERSE 2: "Go easy" the doorman said The floor is slippery So "watch your head" This message read CHORUS HARMONICA SOLO: (verse chords)