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Sunny Inside (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Charlie Coombs CHORDS: A:x02220 D:xx0232 Bm:x24432 C#m:x46654 E:022100 F#m:244222 INTRO: A A D A D A D A D (with riff 1, see below) VERSE 1: A D A D Don't need drugs, don't want money A D A D You came along and shook me honey A Bm C#m D A All I want is you right by my side D A D A D A D A VERSE 2: With our love taken care of From now on I ain't scared of Lonely nights, I can kiss those days good-bye D A D A D A D E CHORUS: E F#m Although we walk in the rain Bm D My heart feels sunny inside E E E E With you babe. A SOLO OVER: verse 1 chords D A D A D A D A VERSE 3: Long blonde hair, blue blue eyes Come on baby, please don't cry Talk to me, let me know it's alright D A D A D A D E CHORUS repeat intro while singing "Feel sunny inside, sunny inside" OUTRO: A Bm C#m D A D A D A D A D A All day long I will sing my song to you A Bm C#m D A D A D A and fade All day long I can sing this song to you RIFF 1: E-5-7-5-997 B-5-7-5-997 G-6-7-6-997 D---------- A---------- E----------