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Stupid Girl (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Ron Starrett, Fredrik Johansson & Wolfgang Deimel CHORDS: E:022100 C:x32010 A:x02220 D:xx0232 F:133211 C#m:x46654 B:x24442 E C (x3) E You're just a stupid girl C you really got a lot ot learn E C Start livin' again forget about rememberin' A E D F You're such a stupid girl E You're such a beautiful fish C floppin' on the summer sand E lookin' for the wave you missed C when another one is close at hand. A E You're such a stupid girl. A You're such a stupid girl INTERLUDE: C#m B A C B C#m B A E D C E I saw you in Mercedes Benz C practicing self defense E You got it pretty good I guess C I couln't see your eyes. A E You're really stupid girl A E You're such a stupid girl A E you're such a stupid girl A E (x4)