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Birds (back)


SUBMITTED BY: rcwoods CHORDS: G:320003 C:x32010 Bm:x24432 Am:x02210 D:xx0232 G7:320001 Cmaj7:x32000 INTRO: G C G C VERSE 1: G C Lover, there will be another one G C Who'll hover over you beneath the sun G C Tomorrow see the things that never come G C G Today (hold) CHORUS: C G When you see me fly away without you C G Shadow on the things you know C Bm Feathers fall around you Am D And show you the way to go C G G7 Cmaj7 C It's over, it's o ver VERSE 2: Nestled, in your wings, my little one Is special, morning brings another sun Tomorrow, see the things that never come Today CHORUS END ON: G