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Star Of Bethlehem (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Malc Brookes & Chuck Naughton CHORDS: D:000232 Dsus2:000230 G:550003 A:x02220 E7:220100 F#m7add4:44x200 INTRO: D E|-----2-2----2-2----2-2---------|-----2-2----2-2----2-2---------| B|-----3-3----3-3----3-3---------|-----3-3----3-3----3-3---------| G|-----2-2----2-2----2-2---------|-----2-2----2-2----2-2---------| D|--0-------------0-----------0--|---------0---------------------| A|--0--------------------0h2-----|----------------0------0h2--0--| D|---------0---------------------|--0----------------------------| D E|-----2-2-------2----2-2--------|-----2-2----2-2----2-2----2-2--| B|-----3-3-----3------3-3--------|-----3-3----3-3----3-3----3-3--| G|-----2-2-0h2--------2-2-----0--|-----2-2----2-2----2-2----2-2--| D|------------------------0h2----|--0-------------0--------------| A|-------------------------------|-------------------------------| D|--0--------------0-------------|---------0-------------0-------| G A D Ain't it hard when you wake up in the morning G A D And you find out that those other days are gone G A D All you have is memories of happiness E A G F#m7add4 Lingering on... D / / / D / / / All your dreams and your lovers won't protect you They're only passing through you in the end They'll leave you stripped of all that they can get to And wait for you to come back again. Extra verse sang with CSN&Y at Wembley 1974: You might wonder who can I turn to On this cold and chilly night of gloom Then answer to that question is nowhere in this room. Harmonica solo, chords same as verse. Yet still a light is shining From that lamp on down the hall. Maybe the Star of Bethlehem Wasn't a star at all. D / / / D Dsus2 D