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Sleeps With Angels (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Matt Mohler CHORDS: E5:222xxx D5:000xxx C(#4):234xxx B5:999xxx Bb5:888xxx This is the result of seeing and then listening to (Japanese boot CD) a Bridge show around the time of release - very crunchy feedback laden acoustic and finally fitting it to the studio release. A NOTE: D5 is just the strum before hammering on E5. INTRO: E5 (x4) D5 E5 C(#4) x3) D5 E5 B5 And then play this lick over 12 measures of E5: E------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------3----- G--0------------0------------0------------0---2-4- D---4-4-2-0-2----4-4-0-2-----4-4-2-0-2----4------- A------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------3----------------3--- G--0------------0------------0------------0---2-4--------------4- D---4-4-2-0-2----4-4-0-2------4-4-2-0-2----4--------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------------------- E5 She wasn't perfect she had some trips of her own He wasn't worried at least he wasn't alone B5 E5 B5 E5 He sleeps with angels he's always on someone's mind B5 E5 He sleeps with angels he sleeps with angels E5 (8 measures) E5 She was a teen queen she saw the dark side of life She made things happen but when she did it that night Bb5 She ran up phone bills she moved around from town to town JAM OVER THIS: Bb5 (4 measures) B5 (2 measures) Bb5 (4 measures) E5 (x6) E5 E5 Too late too soon E5 C(#4) E5 C(#4) E5 C(#4) Too late too soon too late too soon too late too soon Too late!