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Shots (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Wolfgang Deimel & Fredrik Johansson (Riff) CHORDS: Am:x02210 F:133211 C:x32010 G:320003 Fmaj7:xx3210 E7:020100 This is close to the acoustic version of the song as found on the Rock'n'Roll Cowboy boot CDs. This version has one additional verse. RIFF: Am F e------------------------ B------------------------ G-----------------0------ D--------------2------3-- A----0---0--3------------ E------------------------ Am F Children C G Am F Are lost in the sand clearing roads with little hands C E Am F Trying to join their father's castles together again C G Am F Will they make it? Who knows where or when G Old wounds will mend Am F Shots C G Am F Ringing all along the borders can be heard C E Am F Comin' down like a venom in the sky C G Am F Cutting through the air faster than a bird G in the night Machines Are winding their way along, looking strong Building roads and bringing back loads of building materials in the night Men Are trying to move the boulders on the ground lines between the different spots that each has found but back home another scene was going down in the night Lust Comes creepin' through the night to feed on hearts of suburban wives who learned to pretend when they met their dreams end in the night Am G Fmaj7 But I'll never use your love you know I'm not like that Am G Fmaj7 and so if you give your heart to me Dm E7 I promise to you Dm E7 whatever we do Fmaj7 G C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 that I will always be true