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Scattered (Let's Think About Livin') (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Michael Campbell CHORDS: D:xx0232 Em:022000 G:320003 A:x02220 I think the riffs are pretty close, but may not be exact, especially on the Em and G parts (are there some chord variations in here that I'm missing?). This same riff, or variations thereof, is also played between the chorus and verses. also, for a fuller sound, (like when playing solo), an alternate version of the riff is provided below. INTRO RIFF: (x2) D Em G |----------------+----------------+------0---------+------3- |----------------+----------------+------0---------+------0- |0h2-0h2-4p2-----+0h2-0h2-4p2-----+------0-----0---+------0- |------------4-4-+------------4-4-+0h2---2-------4-+------0- |----------------+----------------+------2---------+0h2---2- |----------------+----------------+----------------+------3- D I'm a little bit high I'm a little bit low Em G Em G Hear your name where ever I go D I'm a little bit wrong I'm a little bit right Em G Em G Hear your name all day and night CHORUS: A D When the music calls A D I'll be there A D No more sadness A D No more cares G Em G Em Let's think about living D Let's think about life C G D Like a comet painted on the sky C G D A Like an old soul over darkness you'll fly D Em G Em G(as in intro, 2x) I'm a little bit here I'm a little bit there I'm a little bit scattered everywhere I'm a little bit up I'm a little bit down Hear your name all over this town CHORUS D Em G |----------------+----------------+------0---7--5--+--------------| |----------------+----------------+------0---------+8--7--5--3----| |0h2-0h2-4p2-----+0h2-0h2-4p2-----+------0---------+--------------| |------------4-4-+------------4-4-+0h2---2---------+--------------| |----------------+----------------+------2---------+--------------| |----------------+----------------+----------------+--------------| I'm a little bit high I'm a little bit low Hear your name where ever I go A D A D A D A D ALTERNATE RIFF: (see notes) D Em G |2---2---2-----2-+2---2---2-----2-+------0---------+------3-------| |3---3---3-----3-+3---3---3-----3-+------0---------+------0-------| |0h2-0h2-4p2---2-+0h2-0h2-4p2---2-+------0-----0---+------0-------| |------------4-4-+------------4-4-+0h2---2-------4-+------0-------| |----------------+----------------+------2---------+0h2---2-------| |----------------+----------------+----------------+------3-------|