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Round And Round (It Won't Be Long) (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Ron Starrett CHORDS: G:320003 Am:x02210 D:xx0232 Cm:x35543 D:xx0232 Dsus4:xx0233 CHORUS: G Round and round and round we spin to weave a wall to hem us in. Am D It won't be long,it won't be long G How slow & slow & slow it goes to mend the tear that always shows. Am D It won't be long, it won't be long. VERSE 1: G Am It's hard enough losin' the paper illusion you've hidden inside G without the confusion of findin' you're usin' Am the crutch of the lie Cm(3fr) D Dsus4 D Dsus4 to shelter your pride when you cry CHORUS VERSE 2: Now you're movin' too slow, and wherever you go there's another besides It's so hard to say no to yourself, and it shows that you're losing inside When you step on your pride and you cry CHORUS VERSE 3: How the hours will bend through time that you spend till you turn to your eyes And you see your best friend looking over the end, and you turn to see why And he looks in your eyes and he cries. CHORUS G Am (Repeat and Fade)