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Road Of Plenty (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Fredrik Johansson NOTES: Performed live in Minneapolis, 1986-10-17 CHORDS: F:133211 G:320003 Am:x02210 E:022100 Dm:xx0231 RIFF: e--------------|--------------|- B--------------|--------------|- G--------------|--------------|- D-----------2--|--------------|- A--0--2--3-----|--0--2--3--0--|- E--------------|--------------|- INTRO: RIFF F G (x3) RIFF F G Am This day the visitor made a trip to my town F G E Am We all were dancing 'til he took the beat away F G Am Come to think of it, he thought of every last detail Dm F Sit down late at night Dm F Completely out of sight Dm F G Left his message etched inside my brain Am F G (x4) RIFF F G RIFF Me and my old corvette we were flying through the night Chasing my blonde lover down the sky line I saw a tail light flash to the voyager crash It was great to late When she hit the break She went spinning with that screathy sound Am F G (x4) RIFF F G RIFF And when the gates are closed to the road of plenty A fist come poundning down, you feel it every day And you can't recognize if you're full or empty Here it comes again You count on your old friends But now they're not so easily found Am F G (x4) RIFF F G (x2) RIFF Up in the Gold Hotel the money hits the table The heavies all are there, that's why the deal's goin' down Beautiful women all dressed in diamonds and sable Down upon the street Beside a garbage heap A Mariachi band began to play. Am F G (x4) RIFF F G (x2) RIFF In Eldorado town there an old bullfighter His eyes are screaming blue, his hair is red as blood And when the gates go up the crowd gets so excited And he comes dancin' out Dressed in gold lami He kills the bull and lives another day. Am F G (x4) RIFF F G