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One More Sign (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Wolfgang Deimel NOTES: Performed in studio 1966 CHORDS: G:320003 G*:355433 Cm:335543 Bm:224432 D:xx0232 D/G:xx0032 C:x32010 Am:x02210 Dsus4:xx0233 I tried to figure out OMS the other day according to the ABD version of the song. The chords are quite clear to me, but not how exactly he plays them. Here's what I hear. (Corrections from David M) INTRO: G Cm G* Cm G* Cm No, I'm not gonna hide my feelings G* Bm Couldn't if I tried C Am D Dsus4 No, I'm not holding them insi----de G Cm Holding back is so close to stealing G Bm Though we both have tried C Am D D/G We could lose it all if we lied. C D Someday it's later than G D Em The feelings we have now C It's of the ground D I've always played around G C But now I don't know how. G Cm Listen easy because I'm saying G Bm* What I mean this time C Am D Dsus4 Sharing words I always said were mine G Cm I was breezy, now I'm swaying G Bm Like the tree we climbed C Am D Dsus4 Asking you to give me one more sign. Bm * NOTE:Play the Bar chord with the index finger over the 1st(E) & 2nd(B) strings & thumb over the 5th(A) & 6th(E). Play the riff in strumming the chord E---2---0-H-2--0--------- B---3-------------3------ G---4-------------------- D---4-------------------- A---2-------------------- E---2-------------------- D* Play the riff in strumming the chord. E---2---0-H-2--0--------- B---3-------------3------ G---2-------------------- D---0-------------------- A---x-------------------- E---x--------------------