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Ohio (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Malc Brookes CHORDS: D5:000230 D:CxC0A0 F:xx321x C(I):x3201x C(II):AxA08x Gm7(I):553333 Gm7(II):550030 This acoustic version is taken off the Solo Trans video. It uses the "Dropped D" tuning, though it can be played in standard tuning easily enough if you use conventional chord shapes, as the main riff doesn't really use the 1st or 6th strings Actually, the D5 is a chord without 3rd and in some songbooks called "D(no 3rd)". But D5 is shorter. :-). In the original TAB from Malc it was called Dm because this would be the chord to play in standard tuning. MAIN RIFF: D5 F C(I) D5 F C(I) D|-------------------------|-------------------------| B|--3----3--3--------------|--3----3--3--------------| G|--0h2--2--0-----0--------|--0h2--2--0-----0--------| D|-------------3--------0--|-------------3-----------| A|-------------------3-----|-------------------3-----| D|-------------------------|-------------------------| VERSE: D5 F C(I) Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, D5 F C(I) We're finally on our own D5 F C(I) This Summer I hear them drumming, D5 F C(I) Four dead in Ohio CHORUS: Gm7(I) C(I) Gotta get down to it, soldiers are cutting us down Gm7(II) C(II) Should have been done long ago Gm7(I) C(I) What if you knew her and, found her dead on the ground Gm7(II) C(II) How can you run when you know? D (main riff) VERSE: La la la la, la la, la la La la la la, la la, la La la la la, la la, la la La la la la, la la, la CHORUS Repeat Verse 1 repeating last line as often as you feel happy with. Finish on D5