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No One Seems To Know (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Wolfgang Deimel NOTES: Performed live in Santa Cruz, 1983-01-05 CHORDS: F:133211 Em:022000 B7:x21202 Am:x02210 C:x32010 X:xx1212 F is not the original key, but it's easiest to play on guitar. Use a capo to fit. F Em X Once I was in love B7 E now it seems that time is better spent Am F in searching than in finding X C F and noone seems to know Em X so don't say you lose B7 E don't say you lose, don't say you win Am F and noone else will know X C G noone else will know C G when you're down, you gather strength to leave the ground C when you're high, it makes you weak and you fall back down.