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New Mama (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Brian Pruvost NOTES: Instead of Bb6, you can also play Bbmaj7. CHORDS: Bb6:88006x Dm:00776x Am7:77x050 C:x32010 Csus4:x33010 D:000232 Dmaj7sus2:000220 Dm9:000560 Dm7:000565 G/D:xx0787 Am/D:xx09A8 x= Hit the body of the guitar with the palm of the strumming hand. INTRO: D C E| |--------------|--------------|-------0----|0-0----------| B| |---3-3------3-|----3-----3-3-|-------1----|1-1----------| G|4|---2-2------2-|----2-----2-2-|-------0----|-------------| D|-|0-------------|0---3--0------|0h3---------|----2-0----0-| A|4|-------0h3----|--------------|----------3-|--------3----| D| |--------------|--------------|------------|-------------| | | x x | x | x |x | D C E|----------------|----------------|------0-0-0-----| B|------3-------3-|----3-------3-3-|------1-1-1-----| G|------2-------2-|----2-------2-2-|--------0---0---| D|----0-----------|0---3---0-------|0h3-------------| A|--------0h3-----|----------------|----------------| D|0---------------|----------------|----------------| | x x | x | x | E| |0----------------------| B| |1----------------------| G|3|-----------------------| D|-|---2-0-----2-0-----0---| A|4|-------3-------3-------| D| |-----------------------| | |x | C E| |----------------|-------------0-| |-------0-0----------| B| |----3-3---------|-----3-------1-| |-------3-3----------| G|4|----2-2-----0h2-|-------0h2-----|3|0-------------------| D|-|0-------0h3-----|0--------------|-|-----------2-0----0-| A|4|----------0-----|---------------|4|----3----------3----| D| |----------------|---------------| |--------------------| | | x | x x | | x | Bb6 Dm Am7 New Mama's got a son in her eye, C Csus4 C D No clouds are in my changin' sky. Bb6 Dm Am7 Each mornin' when I wake up to rise, C Csus4 C D Dmaj7sus2 I'm livin' in a dreamland. Dm9 | Dm7 G/D Changin' times, ancient reasons that turn to lies. Bb6 Am/D Throw them all a-w-a-y. Dm7 G/D Head in hand, got a gift of wonders to understand Bb6 Am7 And open all the way. INTRO Bb6 (a cappela) New mama's got a son in her eye. No clouds are in my changing sky. Each morning when I wake up to rise. I'm livin' in a dream land.