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Motor City (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Steve Vetter, Fredrik Johansson (Corrections & Riff) & Wolfgang Deimel (Corrections) CHORDS: G:320003 F:133211 C:x32010 D:xx0232 G e------------|-----------------|------------|--------------|- B------------|-----------------|------------|--------------|- G------------|-----------------|------------|--------------|- D-----0------|--0--2--0-----0--|-----0-0----|--0-----------|- A--4---------|-----------4-----|--4---------|-----4--3--2--|- E------------|-----------------|------------|--------------|- C D G e-------------|-----------|------------|- B-------------|-----------|------------|- G-------------|-----------|------------|- D------2-2----|--0--2--4--|--------0---|- A--4-5--------|-----------|--2--3------|- E-------------|-----------|------------|- F C G G My old car keeps breaking down My new car ain't from japan C D There's already too many Datsuns/Toyotas G In this town F C G G Another thing that's bugging me Is this commercial on t.v. C D Says that Detroit can't build good cars G any more C D G C G Who's driving my car? C D G C G Who's driving my car now? D C G Whooooo? SOLO My army jeep is still alive It's got locking hubs and four wheel drive Ain't got no radio, ain't got no mag wheels Ain't got no digital clock F C G Ain't got no clock My paint job is lookin' blue The whitewalls are missing too But I guess until I get my car back This'll do F C G CHORUS SOLO: (over verse chords) C D G REPEAT UNTIL END: D C G Whooooo? Who's driving my car now?