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Mideast Vacation (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Steve Vetter CHORDS: G:320003 Bm:x24432 Em:022000 D:xx0232 Am:x02210 C:x32010 INTRO: (x4) G Bm G Bm I used to watch Highway Patrol whittlin' with my knife G Bm but the thought never struck me I'd be black and white for life G Em I was raised on law and order in a community of strife D Am C Am C Am became a restless border and I never took a wife G Bm I went looking for Khadafi aboard Air Force One G Bm but I never did find him and the CIA said son G Em you'll never be a hero, your flying days are done D Am C Am it's time for you to go home now, stop sniffin that smoking gun C Am (x6) G Bm I was travellin with my family through the mideast late one night G Bm in the hotel all was quiet the kids were out like little lights G Em then the street filled with jeeps there was an explosion to the right D Am C Am C Am they chanted "death to America" I was feelin like a fight G Bm So I ran down the stairs and out into the street G Bm someone kicked me in the belly someone else kissed my feet G Em I was Rambo in the disco shooting to the beat D Am C Am C Am When they burned me in effigy my vacation was complete C Am (several times, until fade out)