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Ragged Glory (1990)
Way Down In The Rust Bucket (2021)
Weld (1991)


SUBMITTED BY: Unknown & Thomas Hanrahan (Riff) CHORDS:
SIGNATURE RIFF: E-------0----------------- B----0h3------5-----3----- G----------4s6------------ D---------------7s5---5--- A------------------------- E--0---------------------- INTRO: Em A G (many times) Em Late one night A G Em A G I was walking in the valley of hearts Em The spirit came to me A G Em A G And said "you've got a move to start Em A G You've gotta take the first step Em A G You've gotta crawl to be tall" Em And then she told me somethin', A G Em A G That I'll never forget CHORUS: Em G Em G You(ve) got love to burn A Em G You(d) better take a chance on love Em G You(d) better let your guard down A Em A G You(d) better take a chance, .... a chance on love BRIDGE: Em A G (many times) (take a chance on love .... on love) In the valley of hearts there's a house full of broken windows 'Cause the lovers inside just quarrel all the time 'Why'd you ruin my life?' 'where you takin' my kid?' And then they hold each other sayin' 'how did it come to this?' CHORUS BRIDGE VERSE 1 CHORUS BRIDGE END ON: Em