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Archives Vol 2 (1972-1976) (2020)
Comes A Time (1978)
Unplugged (1993)


SUBMITTED BY: Andrew Gebauer & David M (Corrections) CHORDS:
RIFF A: E|---------0---|---2---2-2-0-|--------------|----3---3-3-0-| B|-----0-2---3-|---3---3-3-3-|-----2-3-2--0-|----0---0-0-0-| G|-------------|---2---2-2---|-2------------|----0---0-0---| D|-2-----------|-0-----------|-2------------|-0------------| A|-2-----------|-------------|-0------------|-2------------| E|-0-----------|-------------|--------------|-3------------| RIFF B: E|-0-0-----------------|-0-0-----------|-0-0----------------- B|-0-0-----------------|-0-0-----------|-0-0----------------- G|-9-9-----------------|-9-9-----------|-9-9----------------- D|-9-9-----7p6---6\4---|-9-9-----7-6-4-|-9-9-----7p6---6\4--- A|-7-7-5/7-----7-----5-|-7-7-5/7-------|-7-7-5/7-----7-----5- E|-0-0-----------------|-0-0-----------|-0-0----------------- (RIFF A 4x) E D There's a lot to learn A G For wastin' time E D There's a heart that burns A G There's an open mind Bm G Look out for my love (4x) (with Riff B) You own it You own it now You own it There's a weight on you But you can't feel it Livin' like I do It's hard for you to see it Was I hurt too bad? Can I show you daylight? How can I be sad When I know that you might Look out for my love (4x) C Look out for my love Em It's in your neighborhood Am I know things are gonna change G But I can't say bad or good (RIFF B 3x) Silver wings of mornin' Shining in the gray day While the ice is formin' On a lonely runway Hydraulic wipers pumpin' Till the window glistens Somethin' saying somethin' No one seems to listen Men with walkie-talkies Men with flashlights wavin' Up upon the tower The clock reads daylight savings It's home again to you babe You know it makes me wonder Sittin' in the quiet slipstream Rolling in the thunder Look out for my love (4x) (solo over chorus (Bm G)) Look out for my love (4x) (solo over chorus (Bm G)) David M's CORRECTIONS: In this Riff play the bass strings on the standard E chord, the 5/7 should be 7/9...the changes have been marked with **** Riff B E|-0-0--------------------|-0-0----------|-0-0-------------------- B|-0-0--------------------|-0-0----------|-0-0-------------------- G|-1-1--------------------|-1-1----------|-9-9-------------------- D|-2-2--------7p6---6\4---|-2-2----9-7-6-|-9-9--------7p6---6\4--- A|-2-2----7/9-----7-----5-|-2-2----------|-7-7----7/9-----7-----5- E|-0-0--------------------|-0-0----------|-0-0-------------------- * **** * * ***** *** As posted previously, this is the solo played at the end of LOFML - unplugged. Play Bm with the index finger over the E & A strings, 2nd fret and the thumb over the E, 2nd fret This solo is played, picking the notes while playing the chords. E --3--------0--2--2--0--2--3--------0--2--2--0--2--3 B --0--2--3-----3-----------0--2--3-----3-----------0 G --0-----------4-----------0-----------4-----------0 D --0-----------4-----------0-----------4-----------0 A --2-----------2-----------2-----------2-----------2 E --3-----------2-----------3-----------2-----------3 G Bm G Bm G E ---2--2--0--2--2--0--3----2-----------------------3--- B ---3-----------------0----3--3--2--3--2--0--2--0--0--- G ---4-----------------0----4-----------------------0--- D ---4-----------------0----3-----------------------0--- A ---2-----------------2----2-----------------------2--- E ---2-----------------3----2-----------------------3--- Bm G Bm G In playing the above chords ie Bm & G the following is a rough YAB of the solo towards the end: E ------------------------------------------------------ B ------------------------------------------------------ G ----------------7--9---------------------------------- D ---7h9--9--7h9--------7h9--9--7-9--------------------- A -----------------------------------7-9--5-7----------- E ------------------------------------------------------ Bm G Bm G E ---7--7------------------------------------------------- B ---7--7------------------------------------------------- G ---------9--7----------7-----7h9------------------------ D ---------------9----9-----9-------7--9----7-9----------- A -----------------------------------------------7-9--5-7- E -------------------------------------------------------- Bm G Bm G