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Bad Fog Of Loneliness (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Malc Brookes NOTES: First performed live in 1970-11-30, The Cellar, Washington DC CHORDS: C:x32010 C/G:332010 D/A:x00232 D/B:x20232 D:xx0232 G/F#:220003 F:133211 Em:022000 Bm7:x24232 Am7:x02010 Am7/G:302010 Am7/F:102010 INTRO: (play twice) C D D/A D/B E|-----0------0-----0------0-----2--2--2-----2-----2--| B|-----1------1-----1------1-----3--3--3-----3-----3--| G|---------------0-----0h2-------2--2--2-----2-----2--| D|--------0h2-----------------0-----------------------| A|--3-------------------------------------0-----2-----| E|----------------------------------------------------| VERSE: C C/G D D/A D/B Bad fog of loneliness C C/G D D/A G G G/F# Put a cloud on my single-minded-ness Em Bm7 Am7 Am7/G Am7/F# Am7/F C C/D C/E G I dream of sweet car-e-ss from you........... Lead in to 2nd verse: G G/B VERSE: What makes tomorrow guess What makes me take from me and put aside the rest I dream of sweet caress from you REFRAIN: D C Bm7 Am So long woman I am gone D C G G/A G/B D So much pain to go through C D G G/F# Em Come back baby I was wrong INTRO REPEAT 1st VERSE