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SUBMITTED BY: Malc Brookes & Rick Ahlgren NOTES: Performed live in Oakland, 1999-03-20 CHORDS:
Here it is with revised lyrics. I listened again armed with the fresh lyrics and, strange as it seems, it does appear to be "bungalow with stucco" and "sunset spa". The only word I'm not happy with is the "body line" at the end of the 2nd line 2nd verse, but I can't think of anything better, maybe something to do with eyes? INTRO: (dampen strings with palm) Em7 / / / F#m / Bm / (4 times) Em E|--0---0------------------| B|--0---0------------------| G|--0---0------------------| (3 times) D|--2---2---4h5-4-------0--| A|----------------2---2----| E|-------------------------| Em7 / / / F#m / Bm / VERSE: E A B E I feel like I just woke up from a bad dream, A B E And it's so good to have you sleeping by my side. Bm A G E Although I'm not so sure, Bm A G E If I even know your name, Bm A G E Hold on, baby, hold on, Dsus2 E We can go gliding through the air, Dsus2 E Far from the jeers and lies. FILL: A / G6 / F#7 / Fmaj7 / E / D Dsus2 Fmaj7 / Amaj7 (rest) Em7 / / / F#m / Bm / (twice) VERSE: Well you are the one I'm talking to this morning, With your mind so fine and your friendly body lying, In my bungalow with stucco, The glory of sunset spas, Hold on, baby, hold on, It doesn't matter if you're the one, 'Cause we'll know before we're done. Repeat fill, finishing on Amaj7.