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I'm The Ocean (back)


SUBMITTED BY: Fredrik Johansson & Michael Campbell (Intro) CHORDS: Em:022000 G:320003 C:x32010 D:xx0232 INTRO: (x4) Em G C D E--0---------0----3--------------0-------------2------------ B--0---0-3--------0---------0----1-----1---0---3------------ G--0--------------0-----2--------0---0---------2-2-2-0------ D--2--------------0---0----------2-------------0---------4-- A--2--------------2--------------3-------------------------- E--0--------------3----------------------------------------- Em G C D Em (Repeated over & over) I'm an accident I was driving way to fast Couldn't stop though so I let the moment last I'm for rolling I'm for tossin' in my sleep It's not guilt though it's not the company I keep INTRO (x2) People my age they don't do the things I do They go somewhere while I run away with you I got my friends and I got my children too I got her love she's got my love too INTRO (x2) I can't hear you but I feel the things you say I can't see you but I see what's in my way Now I'm floating 'cause I'm not tied to the ground Words I've spoken seem to leave a hollow sound INTRO (x2) On the long plain see the rider in the night see the chieftain see the braves in cool moonlight Who will love them when they take another life Who will hold them when they tremble from the knife Voicemail numbers on an old computer screen Rows of lovers parked forever in a dream Screaming sirens echoing across the bay To the old boats from the city far away INTRO (x2) Homeless heroes walk the streets of their hometown Rows of zeros on the field that's turning brown They play baseball they play football under lights They play card games and we watch them every night Need distraction nedd romance and candlelight Need random violence need entertainement tonight Need the evidence want to testimony of Expert witnesses on the brutal crimes of love INTRO (x2) I was too tired to see the news when I got home Pulled the curtain fell into bed alone Started dreaming saw the rider once again In the doorway where she stood and watched for him (watched for him) INTRO (x2) I'm not present I'm a drug that makes you dream I'm an aerostar I'm a cutlass supreme In the wrong lane trying to turn against the flow I'm the ocean I'm the giant undertow